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Dog walks will feature a visit to one or more parks in the local area, sniffing every tree on the horizon or sprinting around with their furiends. We often take them to the sea and beach wherever possible, especially with the water babies.

Our standard dog walk is 1 hour in duration from leaving the house with your dog, this is the most popular option among our dog owners.

30 minute walks are also available, often suitable for older dogs or for splitting the day up while you’re at work to give your dog a loo break, along with any food or water they may need.

Start by giving Emma a call where you can ask any questions you’d like and arrange a suitable time to come and meet yourself and your pup, chat about what you and your fur baby’s needs are before going ahead with a walk, which can be organized on the day of meeting or on the Sunday for walks for the following week.

In most cases we cannot facilitate last minute bookings.

We will cater to our regular dog owners as much as possible as we don’t want anyone to be left behind, oftentimes though, after the schedule has been sent out on a Sunday evening,  further bookings are extremely limited.

We ask for two copies to the house to collect and drop home your dog after their adventure. Two working copies of your house keys must be provided at the time of the meet and greet. If someone will be home at the time of your dog’s walks we can ring the bell and drop them back to a person of the house if preferred. Some dog owners will provide keys to a side door, ect.

We ask for payment for the week’s walks by Thursday evening of each week. Monthly payment options are also available if the same quantity of walks are required each week.
Yes, an hour dog walk per dog will cost €20, for two dogs coming from the same household we offer a 25% discount, charging €30 per pair of pups.
No. Our dog owners are generally comfortable sharing a set of keys with us for collection and dropping your dog home after their walk.
This gives you the freedom to have your dog walked without being tied to your house with a collection and drop off time in mind.

Being realistic, we live in Ireland, so when it rains we don’t let it ruin our parade. Walks will proceed during the rain, if dogs however don’t want to go outside in the wet weather we can stay and provide them with an indoor play date!

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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