Pawfit’s Cancellation Policy

If cancellations for pet sitting services are made with less than 5 days of advance notice, 50% of the cost will be payable.

If cancellations are made less than 2 days prior, full payment will be expected.

The reason we ask for these periods of notice for our Pet Sitting services is because of the nature of our 1-on-1 service, once a pet sitting slot is booked, it is unavailable for any other booking.

Another reason why our cancellation policy in is place is because most Pet Sitting services take place over the weekend and our pet sitters are booked in advance and tailor their weekend to your dog’s needs, to give your dog all of the attention and exercise they need, while you are away, often forgoing social plans in order to take the best possible care of your dog.

I’m sure you understand how advance notice is appreciated because of these reasons.

This applies to last-minute cancellations and also, if we are unable to access your dog at the time previously scheduled.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding these periods of notice.

Incident policy: If while in our care, your dog causes harm to another animal or human, as the dog’s owner, we ask that full responsibility is taken for handling any consequences.

By booking pet sitting services with Pawfit you agree to the above terms and conditions of service.