Project Description

Have you recently gotten a puppy and find yourself needing a hand?

We provide a individualized puppy visit service, for your baby fluffs!

Our 1-0n-1 visits serve to break up the day for your fur baby, keeping eyes from wandering to the furniture while you’re off-puppy duty, at work or out for a number of hours during the day.

During our puppy visits we:

  • Feed and monitor your puppy’s mealtime if needed.
  • Fill your puppy’s water bowl.
  • Play games like ball or hiding treats to mentally stimulate them.
  • Give them the chance to relieve themselves in the garden or simply take on a walk in the local area.
  • Provide regular updates on progress and habits
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“My favourite part of each day is walking in the door to hear the pitter-patter of paws as your dog scrambles to greet me at the front door for their adventure. I feel so blessed to experience this joy with your wonderful dogs!”

Emma Dungan

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Just leave out or instruct us as to where your puppies food is and how much to serve and we will go ahead with this.
When meal frequencies change as they get older we can update our visits in regards to feeding, duration and walks.
We offer 30 minute or 60 minute visits. You simply choose what you feel will fit your and your puppy's needs best!

Yes, we will update you on how the puppy visit play date or walk went, if they went to the loo, if we noticed anything out of the ordinary when we arrived or anything else you'd like us to look out for. We also run live updates of all the puppies on our @pawfitireland Instagram and Facebook and can also send photos directly to you via Whatsapp if this is what you'd like!

Give Emma a call or leave a text or email and we will arrange a day that suits yourself best, to pop by and chat about any and all of your fur baby's needs going forward. Here we will also sort out a key for accessing your puppy on the days of their visits/walks! Call Emma now to book in for next week on 087 1727212.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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